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Hypnotherapy for children and young adults (7years+) - Crumlin

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Anxiety is a very normal thing to have when we are in stressful situations. It is only when the stressful stimulus has disappeared and the anxiety remains that we may find a problem that we need help with. We all deal with stress in our daily lives, be it from work, money, children, etc. But anxiety is more than that. It is a feeling of fear, panic, doom. And it is when all the stressors have gone, but the feeling of panic stays, that we have a problem.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help children and young adults develop confidence, reach their full potential and to believe in themselves and their abilities.

As a parent myself I understand only too well the fear we have for our children. It is heartbreaking to watch our children struggle with anxiety or stresses in life. Every child will have concerns and worries in life and at a young age these feelings can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes our children can develop problems or habits when situations become tough. These may even be difficult for us as adults to comprehend but for the child they are huge.

Hypnotherapy uses techniques to help the child take control of their life and their feelings. It helps them to understand they are in control of their minds and helps them to focus on the positives in their lives and come up with solutions and goals.
Hypnosis helps to build the child's confidence and promotes positive thoughts and a strong belief in their abilities to overcome the obstacles in life. Each child has the ability to deal with their concerns and worries, they just need the confidence.

Positivity and optimism is the key to happiness and a healthy strong mind and that's all we ever want for our children.

Each session focuses on the child's feelings and goals in life (not the parents) and lasts around 45mins to an hour.
Trance is used in each session following the initial consultation; trance being an extremely natural form of relaxation that we all enter several times a day.

This is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, so your child will have no need to talk about their problems, instead focusing on their goals and how they are going to develop the tools to reach their goals in life.
Positivity and optimism is the key to happiness and a healthy strong mind and that's all we ever want for our children.

Please feel free to contact Oshara Hypnotherapy at any time to discuss your child's needs or for more information on sessions.

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10% of monthly fees goes to the mental health charity Aware NI.