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Hypnotherapy for for exam stress Northern Ireland

Reducing Exam Stress

Exams are fast approaching and as a result our young people are being placed under a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help with reducing the stress and anxiety of exam time, as well as -

  • Boosting confidence
  • Memory and focus
  • Emotional control
  • General mental wellbeing

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for exam stress can not only help young people deal with the immediate issues they are facing but can also train the mind to become more positive, and to cope better with situations that will, inevitably, crop up in their future lives.

It is important to help the mind to relax, focus and overcome stressful situations in an appropriate manner and this is even more important when a person is at crossroads in their life where success is of greatest importance.

Exams do not need to make young people ill. They should not have a huge emotional impact causing anxiety and depression. But sadly they often do.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help your child to achieve their potential with less stress and more focus and drive.

I offer concessions in price for students.

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Most people go through periods of feeling down – this is totally normal. However, when you are depressed, you do not just feel down. You can feel extremely sad and helpless for weeks, months, or longer. A lot of people do not understand depression and feel that it is not a real health condition. They are wrong. Depression is a very real, and at times life-threatening illness.