therapy sessions

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT IN THE Hyponotherapy SESSIONS - Northern Ireland

1.. The Initial Consultation This is the first time we will meet in person. We will have a nice chat, we will talk about why you have come to see me and what you want help with. We will also talk about what you want to achieve. I will take some information from you, most of which you can reply simply with yes or no answers.

I will then talk to you about the brain, how we can suffer the way we do and what we can do about it. You will be given a download of a therapy session for you to listen to every night before going to sleep.

2. Following sessions after the initial consultation Again, we will have more chatting, trying to focus on the positive aspects, steering your mind away from the negative. In these sessions we will use trance. This involves nothing more than sitting in a comfortable chair, pillows and blankets optional, while I talk to you and guide you into a relaxation trance.

You are in complete control. It is you who decides when you no longer need sessions and you are ready to leave.


Consultation Fees and Clinics

10% of monthly fees goes to the mental health charity Aware NI.

Home clinic, Crumlin

  • Initial consultation: £65 plus free download included in price to begin treatment at home before your first session.
  • Sessions: £65 per session
  • Block bookings: initial consultation plus 3 sessions £200
  • Smoking cessation: A 2-hour one off session, plus free download to continue your therapy at home £195

In light of the current pandemic all sessions will be conducted online, with the client receiving therapy from the comfort of their own home.